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Who’s Financing the Debate on Amendment E?

The mid-year campaign finance reports concerning Amendment E are now posted on the South Dakota Secretary of State’s web site. The reports offer a revealing look at the people both for and against Amendment E.

SDJA’s Top-10 Donors (PDF Document)

  1. Bill Stegmeier, Tea, SD:   $ 54,297.00
    (plus loans totaling   $110,000.00)
  2. Loren Parks, Aloha, OR:   $6,000.00
  3. Henry Morgan, Clearwater, FL:   $1,000.00
  4. Renee Haley, Garden Ridge, TX:   $300.00
  5. Fred Smart, Evanston, IL:   $300.00
  6. Henry Nicholle, San Buenaventura, CA:   $260.00
  7. Dale Stremcha, Las Vegas, NV:   $250.00
  8. Stub and Colleen Harvey, Mitchell SD:   $200.00
  9. Ken Knudson, N. Bangor, NY:   $200.00
  10. Jim Paulson, Minneapolis, MN:   $200.00

Individuals and from all over the country! What could be their motivation for contributing in hopes of passing Amendment E?

I think we can eliminate the possibility that any of the above mentioned contributors represent a special interest that would stand to gain financially from the passage of Amendment E.

My best speculation is that they simply want to end judicial corruption and misconduct! I think the notion of holding a judge accountable when he violates a person’s rights just has a certain appeal to these individuals as well as all pro-Amendment E contributors.

NO on E’s Top-10 Donors (PDF Document)

  1. National Assn. of Mutual Insurance Companies, Indianapolis, IN:   $50,000.00
  2. Citibank, Sioux Falls, SD:   $50,000.00
  3. Exxon Mobil, Irving, TX:   $25,000.00
  4. Wells Fargo Bank, Sioux Falls, SD:   $25,000.00
  5. First Premier Bank, Sioux Falls, SD:   $25,000.00
  6. Dacotah Bank, Aberdeen, SD:   $20,250.00
  7. First National Bank, Sioux Falls, SD:   $20,000.00
  8. CorTrust Bank, Mitchell, SD:   $20,000.00
  9. BankWest, Pierre, SD:   $20,000.00
  10. Woods, Fuller, Schultz (Law Firm), Sioux Falls, SD:   $15,000.00

Wow! What is it that the following trade groups have to fear with the passage of Amendment E?  Contact us with your answer.

“Live Fire” with Larry Pratt Radio Interview – August 12, 2006
Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, and Co-host Kevin Starrett of the Oregon Firearms Federation interview SDJA’s Bill Stegmeier.
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“The Derry Brownfield Show” – June 30, 2006
Derry Brownfield of “The Common Sense Coalition” interviews Bill Stegmeier about Amendment E.
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